Perfect World – A Great Game Like WoW

March 28th, 2010

I hate to mislead you and say Perfect World is exactly like WoW. Why on earth would you switch games if they were exactly identical. Perfect World is a large MMORPG with similar favorable characteristics like WoW.

If you are a fan of PVP, I highly recommend trying Perfect World. It has no subscription fee and the PVP system is much better than WoW. It’s especially fun if you have friends to engage in PVP with. The more friends you know playing this game, the more enjoyable your experience will be. There are PK worlds in Perfect World where 99% of the map is PVP. The experience is very fun, and if you are looking for one of many cool games like WoW, give Perfect World a shot!

Is WoW fading away?

March 26th, 2010

Before you jump to conclusions by looking at this chart, please take notice that this is a very simple web analytic and does not necessarily reflect WoW’s subscription base. Let’s not forget that WoW has a subscription base larger than many countries, and certainly more than any other game like wow.

Alexa seems to show a significant downtrend in traffic to World of Warcraft. Whether or not this indicates a decline in the popularity of the game is unclear, because there are many reasons for a decline in traffic, other than lack of interest. Sometimes web designs change, and at other times it may simply be simply due to the lack of need for access to the main WoW site.

Here is the official traffic trend from Alexa.

We saw a large spike in traffic with the expansion pack news in 2009, and then the trend continued lower once again. Are other games like WoW outperforming? Well yes, there are many games experiencing growth, however none are near the popularity of WoW. The WoW engine is superior to most of the games out, and they continue to innovate on their games and servers.

However, it may be time to consider spin offs that offer a different style of RPG game play. We know that player killing is a big factor in the game, how about a game entirely centered around pking? There are a few other games like WoW offering this, but not entirely. This might be an interesting opportunity for gaming companies to try something new. Remember the success of the original Warcraft games? They certainly have a loyal fan crowd and can continue the lineup with different styles of games.

Alexa’s look into hot new RPGs like WoW

March 23rd, 2010

 	 Free MMORPG- Kingdom Heroes

So we all know World of Warcraft is a world record holder. WoW currently has 10 million subscribers – it truly is a world in its own.

Luckily, for those of you looking for a good MMORPG alternative, there are quite a few springing up in popularity. I decided to do a little research into some of the most popular, most suggested games like WoW to see how they stack up against the best. I am using Alexa to get the website traffic rankings of all the games like wow. From there, I will list them in order in terms of traffic. Now there are obviously some flaws with doing this. For one, not every gamer actually uses the game’s website to play on a daily basis, or for any purpose. So obviously, websites that rely heavily on web traffic, such as Runescape, previously a world record holder as well, will skew the rankings. I have decided to leave out browser based games to make this list as accurate as possible in terms of traffic.

So what games like wow are hot?

1. Last Chaos
2. Runes of Magic
3. Perfect World
4. Lord of the Rings Online
5. Ragnarok Online
6. Anarchy Online
7. 4Story
8. Sword of the New World
9. Flyff

Last Chaos, is rated number one, one of the games like wow by Aeeria. This is slightly skewed because Aeria has multiple online games hosted on their main website, but the majority of their traffic appears to be going to this game. Check out Last Chaos as a fun alternative to WoW.

A F2P RPG with P2P Quality

March 13th, 2010

4Story is a free online RPG with many characteristics of a game like WoW. Before you get excited and download a copy, please save yourself a little bit of disappointment. World of Warcraft operates on superior high speed servers with many features than a free to play RPG will never have. For example, craft weapons and capes are lacking. There are many little things in WoW that you will not find in 4Story, but as you become more immersed in the game, you will realize the RPG characteristics are strikingly similar, if not better. Let’s not forget this is still in a development phase and has quite a while to go before it could be considered a BETTER game than WoW.

Runes of Magic

March 8th, 2010

A great game, in terms of games like WoW that is free to play and has comparable graphics to WoW is Runes of Magic. Runes of Magic has attracted over 1 million players in just under a year. The number one important factor to their success is the fact that they are a free to play game. There is no certainty whether or not it will be free to play indefinitely. Our best guess would be that eventually there will be a membership subscription similar to Runescape.  1 million players is a pretty large number, but is nothing in comparison to WoW’s 10+ million player subscription base. The player base is growing though, which is the only important aspect. It’s not like you interact with even a hundredth of the players in WoW. Definitely take a look at Runes of Magic, it is an excellent free to play game like WoW.

Aion was a flop.

March 7th, 2010

Remember the hype about Aion? It turns out this was one of the most widely anticipated games like WoW , but it did not live up to its hype. Traffic to has dropped to 1/5 of its initial opening day. The game continues to lose traffic, while Warcraft still maintains the largest player base of all time, next to Runescape. Runescape certainly cannot be compared to a game of caliber like WoW but it still remains the largest free online RPG, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. I’m sure Guinness had to take an in depth look into the player numbers to come to the conclusion. I still think this number is slightly skewed because the number of players registered has little comparison to the number of actual daily players. Runescape, at one time, was full of auto generating bots, multiplying ten fold in a short period of time. We believe this was the main contribution to their player base.

So why did Aion flop? We can never be certain, however it could have to do with the fact that the entire game does not offer much in comparison to many other games like WoW. Their PVP system is great but apparently players and MMORPG fans don’t find it THAT special, since the game ha not really taken off. Perhaps a flop is a bit harsh of a statement, but it’s certainly not a stunning success in the United States.

Aion May Trump ALL Games like WoW

August 24th, 2009

Image property of NCsoft

Image property of NCsoft

One of the biggest RPG releases of the year in North America is clearly Aion. This game has exploded in Korea and gamers expect it to make a similar impact in the United States. With extremely rich graphics and one of the most hyped player vs player systems, Aion may take a decent chunk of the games like WoW market share. The gameplay seems standard like most other games like WoW, with classes,  professions, alliances, quests, and it wouldn’t be an MMORPG without grinding. Consider this addition to your gaming portfolio if you are into games like WoW. While you are at it, check out this FREE RPG, Fiesta.

One of the most popular Games like WoW

August 24th, 2009

This game is often debated when it comes to searching for games like WOW. You may or not prefer this game, but when it comes to gameplay and grinding, it’s not far off from WOW aside from it’s PVP system which has taken a big hit over the years. Runescape is listed in Guiness Book of World Records as the most popular free online role playing game. This says a lot about the game, especially considering that it’s entirely based in a browser client using Java. This means you can play Runescape literally anywhere. For only 5.95 a month you can upgrade and get tons of members features and use their high definition mode which makes the gameplay more intense and enriches the graphics greatly. The high definition mode is most effective on a large, high resolution monitor. If you are looking for games like WOW and you need a game that is portable, cheap, popular and entertaining, give Runescape a try.